The Long Lost Art of Holiday Decorating

The Long Lost Art of Holiday Decorating

A lifetime of experience in the commercial Christmas decorating field has taught us one thing: not everyone is very good at this. That’s not to say that other decorating companies don’t put forth the effort. But more often than not, most holiday decorating simply fails to impress. Missing is the sense of nostalgia that a holiday display is supposed to evoke. Absent is the aura of grandeur that the holiday season truly represents.

Today, we find ourselves competing in an industry where all too often creative talent has been replaced by gimmicks, and quality substituted by quantity. Perhaps just as surprising is the fact that there seems to be a complete disregard for creative strategy behind most holiday decor themes. These days, there seems to be a trend towards creating high-tech displays that cater to an 8-12 year old audience. Dancing trees and other interactive elements have become all the rage. Such displays may only be of appeal during evening hours, or can be fraught with technical difficulties. Worse yet, they are short on durability and the whiz-bang technology that makes them so popular today will soon be made obsolete by next year’s technological sensation. Plus, most property managers would question the wisdom of catering to such a narrow audience.

Call us old fashioned, but at Studio 25, our focus has always been on creating holiday displays that appeal to all ages. With every project we undertake, our goal is to create a display that looks spectacular both day and night, is easy to maintain, and is durable enough to provide season after season of performance and joy. In a word: timeless.

Technology can’t replace good design and cross-generational appeal. There is simply no substitute for quality decorations that provide years of service.

Yes, times change. But one thing is always in style. It’s called Value.

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