Giant Christmas Trees

Each year, Studio 25 Decor is challenged with finding giant Christmas trees worthy of display by our discriminating clients. We set a high standard for ourselves, and only the most spectacular trees will do.

Giant Christmas Trees are a tall order

Giant Christmas trees are in high demand for display in high traffic commercial areas such a high-rise lobbies, corporate headquarters, event centers, malls, and casinos – just to name a few commercial properties. We are continually expanding our product line and striving to offer only the highest quality trees available.

It was with this goal in mind that we set out to create our very own custom tree – right here in the United States. Producing our trees domestically gives us greater creative control of the final look and feel of the actual product.

Even though our trees are always complemented by dazzling LED lights and beautiful ornaments, the foliage behind a tree is the ultimate test of how a tree is measured. Lush, quality foliage is your assurance that a tree will look spectacular, year after year, and provide the realistic look you seek to project.

Our first prototype is in, and we have to tell you, it’s amazing! Even better, we were able to produce this tree at a price point that is more competitive than the most generic branch foliage that many of our competitors choose to import. We are most confident that the latest addition to our line of giant Christmas trees will provide many a season of holiday use and enjoyment, and save you time and money over the life of your commercial Christmas display program.

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