Spring is in the Air

At Studio 25, we create spectacular displays for all seasons of the year – not just Christmas. Seasonal displays are a great way to attract customers and guests to your commercial property or venue. By investing in commercial seasonal decorations, you can take advantage of key holiday selling periods and events to boost sales and attendance, and create a lasting impression with visitors.

Studio 25 Decor has designed and created custom commercial seasonal decorations and displays for Spring, Summer, Fall & Winter that have been a focal point in resorts, casinos, shopping centers, event centers, cruise ships, vacation destinations and more! This year, we had the pleasure of creating a new whimsical spring garden display for a luxury resort and casino in Verona, NY. Read on to discover our creative process and learn how a luxury casino lobby blossomed into a colorful spring garden!

Ideas Blossom with our Commercial Seasonal Decorations

Casino Commercial Seasonal Decorations for Spring
Concept rendering featuring giant blossoming flowers and floating butterflies.

At Studio 25, our creative process is a collaborative one, and this Spring Garden display project was no exception. The project began by discussing with our client the desired outcome and direction of their display. We love hearing what our clients have dreamed up for their space and thrive on the challenge of turning their concept into a reality. Knowing that our client wanted to introduce elements of spring and present them as larger-than-life adornments, we knew just the route to take. We presented our client several seasonal decoration designs so they could visualize the each theme on their property. These included: giant spring flowers “blossoming” from the ceiling; double-sided, spinning daisies; giant spring tapestries with 3-dimensional floral attachments; an array of floral umbrellas; and giant floating butterflies. Our client eventually chose the giant butterfly concept and partnered it with giant umbrella theme. The end result was a stunning ceiling display extending the length of the casino lobby.


Imagination Takes Flight

With project specifications in hand, we set straight to work on the giant butterflies. With less than 2 months to source, build and finish these giant butterflies, we were under a major time crunch. Then again, we are accustomed to tight time constraints and excel at working under pressure. First, we put our imagination and skill to work by designing the butterfly wings. Our goal was to create a colorful array of butterflies that would stand out in the sea of bright floral umbrellas. Our graphics department designed the wing pattern and colors while our metal workers developed the wing frames. Our artistic department leader, Michelle, took on the challenge of creating the butterfly’s body and conquered it by creating a sturdy, durable abdomen for each butterfly. The butterfly bodies were hand-sculpted and individually hand-painted to give a natural and unique look to each one. Studio 25 Decor is continually exploring the best, most durable and economical fabrication methods and materials with which to make our displays. In this way, we are able to offer our clients products of superior quality and value.  We must admit, the finished butterflies turned out amazing!


Spring has Sprung

Spring Commercial Seasonal Decorations at Casino After fabrication and assembly, we headed out to New York to install this vibrant spring display for the enjoyment of the resort guests and staff. We couldn’t wait to see the final results!  Burning the midnight oil, we installed the display by securing each umbrella and giant butterfly at various heights to create a cascading visual effect. The colorful floral umbrellas and larger-than-life butterflies turned this casino lobby into a whimsical and merry spring garden over night. One that casino guests are sure to enjoy for years to come.

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