LED vs Incandescent Christmas Lights – Which are Better?

It’s feud that’s older than the Hatfield’s and the McCoy’s: LED vs Incandescent Christmas Lights – which are better? As professional Christmas decorators, we definitely have our own opinion, but in the interest of spreading holiday goodwill this season, here is our unbiased comparison between between the two.

Here are the main things to consider when choosing lights for your indoor or outdoor holiday display:

LED Christmas Lights

LED Christmas lights are what you might call the new kids on the block. They offer a number of advantages over older, traditional incandescent lights including the following:


  • LED lights use less energy than incandescent lights. That means they are going to have a much smaller impact on your holiday electric bill. From an environmental point of view, that’s good news. Because the less energy that is consumed, the less carbon dioxide is produced. Which means we can all breathe a bit easier.
  • LED lights are more durable than incandescent lights. With an average of over 4,000 hours of life, LED bulbs are capable of providing many a season of holiday use. Which means they won’t have to be replaced as often. Whether you are stringing lights around the house or around the shopping mall, that’s an important consideration. It’s also one of the reasons why LED lights are the lights lights of choice for our pre-lit wreaths and Christmas trees.


  • Earlier versions of LED lights generated less light than incandescent bulbs. So it it took more LED lights to generate the same level of brightness as a string of incandescent bulbs. (Newer versions of LED lights, however, do not have this drawback.)
  • Watching your pennies? Then keep in mind that LED lights are a little more expensive than traditional Christmas lights. String per string, most LED Christmas lights have fewer bulbs than their incandescent counterpart, which means that you are likely to buy lights or strings when you choose LEDs.

Incandescent Christmas Lights


  • Admittedly, Incandescent Christmas lights are unarguably brighter than LED Christmas lights. (If you saw Christmas Vacation, you already know this.) Incandescent Christmas lights generally feature more bulbs per strand, which contributes to their overall greater brilliance.
  • When it comes to price, Incandescent Christmas lights are a lot less expensive than LED Christmas lights. Simply put, you save money because you don’t need to purchase as many strands.


  • Incandescent lights burn a lot faster than LED lights. That means you may have to replace incandescent bulbs more frequently over the course of the holiday season. So, while you may initially save some cash buying Incandescent Christmas lights, your savings may be negated by the the fact that you will have to purchase replacement bulbs more often.
  • Incandescent Christmas lights consume more energy. And, sorry to play Scrooge, but every additional kilowatt hour your Christmas lights burn adds to your electricity bill. Bah humbug!

Made up your mind? Check out the complete selection of LED Christmas lights and Incandescent Christmas lights on our sister website.

To quote the great Bing Crosby, may all your Christmases be bright!

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