The Art of the Artist Rendering

So, what is meant by an “artist rendering”? And why is it so important in the creation of commercial decor?

An Artist Rendering is a term that describes showing a client how their commercial display will look before it is actually constructed. At Studio 25 Decor, the creation of artist renderings is a key step in the design process and goes into every commercial display we build.

The main objective of an artist rendering is to show the appearance of a display to the client.

This helps the client to see how the display will actually appear in its proposed setting, how the display functions within the overall theme, and how the installation of a display might affect traffic flow in or around a mall or other commercial space. This can determine the actual placement of the display, its size, and other aspects of its design.

The time invested in creating an artistic rendering is always well-spent, as they can help avoid disappointment and unnecessary expenditures later in the fabrication and installation process. Artistic rendering is also very useful in helping our clients visualize various design options, such as materials, finishes, colors, and other elements. Below, a sculpted reindeer is rendered sunning himself in the shade of twin umbrellas. The final installation follows this design right down to his suntan lotion!

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