Energizing Christmas at Duke Energy

At Studio 25 Decor, we’ve been invited to work our holiday magic all over the world. One of our favorite places to work is right here in our home town of Charlotte, North Carolina. We take a lot of pride in our work, and nothing gives us more satisfaction than being able to show our craft in front of our families and neighbors.

Here is a photo recap of an installation we completed Christmas season 2016 at the Duke Energy corporate headquarters, in downtown Charlotte. This project involved the installation of a giant Christmas ornament, front and center on the Duke Energy campus. As you can see, the installation process is almost as exciting as the final result!

Energizing the holiday at Duke Energy
With the foundation laid, our expert installers go to work carefully assembling the giant ornament piece by piece. It’s almost like putting an apple back together, one wedge at a time!
Duke Energy, giant Christmas ornament installation
Once all the pieces have been been put together, it’s time for the crowning touch: the giant silver cap! Here, a fork lift operator carefully moves the cap into position as a crowd of spectators look on.
Duke Energy, giant Christmas ornament installation
Members of our expert installation team carefully guide the cap into place its last few inches of descent.
Duke Energy, giant Christmas ornament installation
Touchdown! The end cap is finally set in place. You can practically feel the holiday magic filling the air.
Giant Christmas ornament with hook
The final finishing touch on the giant Christmas ornament is the hook. After all, you can’t hang a giant Christmas ornament without a giant ornament hook, right? It’s all in the details!
Giant Christmas ornament installation
On a slightly smaller scale, here is a look at our giant ornaments at a different installation. Our giant ornaments are so realistic, the children look almost like elves! (Or maybe they are!)

This is but one example of the work we have done with giant commercial ornaments. Studio 25 Decor provides high quality giant Christmas ornaments for use in commercial properties all around the world. This includes shopping centers, casinos, resorts and hotels, and other commercial spaces.

Commercial property managers appreciate the tremendous value of our giant holiday ornaments. Made from high quality materials, our giant shatterproof ornaments are manufactured to provide many a season of holiday enjoyment. And as far as providing “bang for the buck,” few can argue that our oversized holiday ornaments make a huge impact!

Our commercial shatterproof ornaments come in a wide range of colors to complement any holiday decor theme. (Be sure to check out all the color options on our sister website, Commercial Christmas Decor.)

Our special thanks to Duke Energy in allowing us to create their holiday display this last Christmas and to share the project with you.

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