Top 5 Reasons for Malls to Invest in Year Round Commercial Displays

Wouldn’t you love it if your mall or shopping center was more than just a place to shop but an actual destination? It can be. With year round commercial decorations from Studio 25 Decor!

Successful mall property managers know that commercial decorations aren’t just for the Christmas season. With the growth of online shopping, it has become more important than ever that malls and shopping centers be able to attract customers. Nothing beats the experience of being able to see and touch the actual merchandise, and not even the Internet can generate the excitement of shopping a fully decorated mall or shopping center!

Here are 5 reasons why it makes sense to decorate your mall the whole year round.

1. Attract new and more customers.

In recent years, shopping malls have taken a big blow because of the increasing popularity of online shopping. This has resulted in mall vacancy rates as high as 40% in some parts of the country.

Today, it’s more important than ever to give consumers a reason to visit your shopping center the whole year round. It’s a proven fact that commercial mall displays attract shoppers. Shoppers who might otherwise be shopping by catalog or the Internet, or visiting your competitors.

2. Gain a competitive edge.

Imagine two shopping centers: both offer an impressive lineup of anchor stores and retail stores, but one is fully decorated providing an upbeat environment for its shoppers and the other is not. Which are you most likely to shop?

In an economy where price rules and online shopping offers unrivaled convenience, today’s shopping malls must invest in commercial decor in order to broaden their market and gain a competitive edge over competing shopping centers.

Decorating your mall can distinguish you from other shopping centers. Just as important, it conveys a message to shoppers that you value their business and care about providing an inviting, festive environment in which to shop.

3. Boost sales mall-wide.

Commercial decor creates a festive feel which can actually increase revenues. Customers who are shopping in a relaxing, festive environment are likely to shop longer (and buy more), and return to your mall again and again.

Consumers often shop as a way to socialize with family or friends or as a means of entertainment. Decorating a shopping center helps to attract customers and cheery décor can contribute to a fun, entertaining atmosphere.

4. Generate marketing buzz.

Decorating your mall is almost like creating free advertising! In this age of the Smartphone and the viral video, everyone wants to share where they are at and what they are doing. With your impressive commercial décor as a backdrop, shoppers will be eager to share your mall or shopping center with family and friends on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and other social media.

Plus, you can create marketing opportunities around your mall decorations by creating Selfie stations or offering special incentives to get customers to share their photos on their favorite social media platforms.

5. Reduce mall vacancy rates.

With rising competition from catalogs and the Internet, mall vacancy rates are on the rise. By investing in a year round decor program, you are demonstrating to mall tenants your commitment to helping them succeed. This is sure to keep your tenants happy and help bolster occupancy rates.

Festive commercial décor should be a part of your year round business strategy. It’s never too early to start planning! Whether it’s a mall-wide decorating theme to welcome the arrival of Spring, a holiday-specific design theme, or other seasonal display, we provide spectacular turn-key solutions to meet every need and budget. Contact Studio 25 Decor today to discuss your year round commercial decorating needs. We’re a toll-free call away! (800) 658-1842

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