Commercial Decorating Takes Planning

Start planning your commercial decorating now.

The French poet Antoine de Saint-Exupéry once said, “A goal without a plan is just a wish.” Nowhere is this more true than in the field of commercial decorating. The only way to achieve the exact results you are looking for, avoid pitfalls, and save money is by planning ahead.

This is true for anytime of year – especially during the holiday season, when the demand for professional decorating help is at its peak. But proper planning is also vital to the design and installation of commercial decor during the rest of the year, too.

By planning your displays months in advance, you have a much better chance of making sure your decorations are designed, manufactured and installed at just the right time, thus producing maximum impact on shoppers, guests, and visitors. Plus, planning ahead can also give you a competitive advantage over competing businesses who may be waiting until the last minute to design their decor.

Five Steps to Successful Commercial Decorating

1. Determine a budget

Before you begin, try to determine a realistic budget for your project. Your budget will influence the size, scale and overall quality of your decorating theme. If your budget is somewhat modest, you may want to consider a plan that allows for future growth of your display in future seasons. Plus, having a budget will also help you prioritize the features and elements you wish to include in your display – rather than just coming up with a “wish list”.

2. Pinpoint key areas for decoration

Identify the major sight lines and perspectives from where your decor will be seen. This will help you achieve the biggest bang for your buck. In a shopping mall, this might include the main entryway. In a resort, casino or other commercial space, this might include the main lobby area. If you are designing for the out of doors, consider your pedestrian traffic flow. If your property or space features key architectural elements, you will want to include these in your plan also so that you can make your design theme all the more spectacular!

3. Know your audience

Who is your target audience? What types of themes or designs might appeal most to them? Does your business cater to a fashion forward crowd, or is your audience more contemporary and traditional? (You might think having Marvel action heroes flying around your space is a great idea, but it may not relate to older shoppers or guests.) Also, think about what type of design will help separate you from your competitors.

4. Order your decor as early as possible

Custom decor is exactly that – custom made. For this reason, you want to give your designer and fabricators as much time as necessary to plan and manufacture your decor. This will also allow you to take advantage of better pricing, as last minute orders can be more expensive or incur rush charges for shipping.

5. Schedule installation and take down in advance

Commercial décor companies are the busiest around key holiday seasons, including Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Halloween. By booking ahead of time, you can get the most optimal dates of installation and takedown. This can help you avoid any negative comments from customers and guests about installing your decorations too early, or taking them down too late.

By including these five key steps as part of your planning, your commercial decorating program can be more than just “wishful thinking.”

If you want to discuss your company’s holiday planning efforts, contact the experts at Studio 25 Decor today.Or call us toll-free at(800) 658-1842. We will work with you to create the right plan — and the most spectacular commercial decorations ever!

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