5 Ways Commercial Decor Builds Sales

Commercial decor is a highly effective tool to grab the attention of your target audience, increase brand exposure and differentiate your mall, casino, entertainment destination or other commercial space from your competitors. Savvy commercial property managers and retailers know that creating a brand experience generates excitement and increases brand loyalty. Timely, spectacular commercial decoration help create brand awareness and define a company’s brand image and identity.

Here are 5 ways that commercial decor can enhance the shopping or visitor experience:

Generate Instant Excitement

Spectacular commercial decor can create instant excitement upon arrival. Commercial displays offer shoppers and guests a foretaste of the amazing experience that awaits them inside inside and sends a message that a fun adventure is just ahead. By creating a positive, exciting environment, you are encouraging shoppers and guests to stay longer and return again and again. At Studio 25 Decor, our expert team of designers can help you select a decor theme that perfectly matches the needs of your environment, and bring it to reality with expert craftsmanship and  unrivaled attention to detail.

Turn Common Areas Into Works of Art

Commercial decor can transform lobbies, entryways and corridors into stunning works of art and create wonderful branding opportunities for your commercial property. Expertly crafted decor can reinforce your brand image in a way that touches the heart of every member of your target audience. Through careful strategic design, dead space can be eliminated and underutilized “free space” such as ceiling areas, stairways and main thoroughfares can be magically transformed, providing a much-needed facelift and a boost to your brand personality.

Create Shareable Moments

Creating shareable moments for shoppers  and guests is a sure way to extend your brand’s reach beyond what traditional advertising can deliver. Custom commercial decor can provide a unique backdrop for customer photo ops and allow shoppers and guests to share their experiences online with family and friends. Taking the next step, you can utilize such photo ops to create social media contests to further extend your brand reach and build your social media following. For example, the giant pumpkin throne we created for Island in Pigeon Forge (pictured above) generated thousands of photo opportunities. This is but one example of how using commercial decor can help draw traffic and increase sales and customer loyalty all year long.

Make Sales Events more Eventful

These days, competition for business comes from all corners – including the World Wide Web. So it is more important than ever for marketers to be able to maximize key selling periods. Year round commercial decor can help you do just that! Through professionally-designed decor, yearly sales promotions such as Valentines Day, Mothers Day, Back-to-School and Halloween become all the more inviting, and even the changing of the season can become a “Can’t Miss” event. By extending your theme throughout your commercial space, you send a message that “magic is in the air,” creating a lively, uplifting, entertaining experience. At Studio 25 Decor, we pride ourselves in creating spectacular, durable displays that can be used year after year, to maximize your marketing dollar. Plus, we can design themes that can be extended or added onto season after season, to ensure your commercial decor always has a fresh, new look.

Fall Decor, commercial decor builds sales
Giant maple leaves hearken the arrival of Fall in this commercial space.

Improve Employee Morale

Like your shoppers and guests, your employees prefer an exciting, comfortable atmosphere – who wouldn’t?! The presence of commercial decor can brighten anyone’s mood, and the boost in employee morale will not be lost upon your shoppers and guests. Your tenants will be sure to thank you for helping to create a more positive work atmosphere.

Commercial decor not only looks fabulous, it also conveys a message about your brand to your shoppers and customers. Contact us online to learn more about how Studio 25 Decor can help your venue capitalize on enhanced brand awareness. Or give us a call – we are always ready to help! (800) 658-1842

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