5 Reasons Why Outdoor Banners make great marketing tools

Outdoor banners and street pole signs are a great way to advertise. Event planners, community groups and civic organizations find them ideal for promoting special events and other occasions. No matter where you go across this great land, you will find outdoor banners hard at work in nearly every town in America. Outdoor banners enhance a city scape, enliven key traffic corridors, build anticipation, and create an exciting experience for pedestrians, cyclists, transit users and drivers. Even in today’s on-the-go world of the Internet and social media, outdoor banners make great marketing tools and for lots of good reasons:

Outdoor Banners perform year-round

Outdoor banners can be used the whole year round. They provide ongoing promotional support for civic areas and public gathering spots, and can create a festive atmosphere 12 months out of the year.

Capitol Towers outdoor banners

Outdoor banners and street signs can be used all year-round. Studio 25 Decor created this seasonal theme for Capitol Towers in Charlotte, NC  to remind locals of the city’s premiere shopping, dining and entertainment destination and generate neighborhood excitement the whole year round.

Outdoor Banners are inexpensive to produce

Compared to the cost of producing and airing a radio or television commercial, outdoor banners are very inexpensive to produce. In fact, in a report given by independent media researcher Dr.  Augustine Fau, outdoor advertising was shown to be 80 percent less expensive than TV, 60 percent less expensive than newspapers, and 50 percent less expensive than radio.

Outdoor Banners are very versatile

Outdoor banners can be printed in virtually any size, shape and color. They can be hung, mounted on walls, hung from street poles, and displayed almost anywhere. At Studio 25 Decor, we offer a number of banner options that are ready to go, right out of the box. Or, our talented design team will be happy to custom design one just for you!

Capitol Towers outdoor banner

As you can see, outdoor banners don’t have to be rectangular. These custom-designed street pole banners have a unique shape that make them especially eye-catching along this busy Charlotte, NC thoroughfare.

Outdoor Banners are extremely durable

Today’s outdoor banners are made from durable, high-quality vinyl to easily withstand months of use – even in harsh weather. From freezing cold to punishing heat, today’s outdoor banners are made to last. Plus, most are produced with UV-resistant inks that resist the effect of sunlight so they keep their vibrant color a long, long time.

Outdoor Banners are highly targeted

When it comes to reaching a highly-targeted geographic area, outdoor banners reign supreme. Let’s say your target audience consists of pedestrians and commuters in a certain part of town. In such a case, outdoor advertising is the perfect way to reach them, and to generate increased sales and traffic.

2009 MLB All Star Game outdoor banners

Outdoor banners and street pole banners are great for promoting local events of every size, such as street fairs, food and arts events, music festivals and even the occasional Major League Baseball All Star Game.

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