Commercial decoration ideas spring to life at Studio 25 Decor

Don’t let our name fool you! At Studio 25 Decor, we do more than just design spectacular commercial decor during the Christmas holiday season. We are also the “go-to creator” of custom commercial decorations the whole year round. We can literally help your ideas “spring to life”!

Malls, casinos, resorts, hotels and other destination properties look to us to design creative, wholesome, and entertaining displays to greet their customers and guests throughout the year. These are businesses that understand how important it is to connect with customers the whole year round – not just during the holiday season.

Next to Christmas, Spring is one of our busiest seasons of the year. That’s when thoughts turn to longer, brighter days, when people are eager to put the cold, gray days of Winter behind them. Easter, Mother’s Day, and Graduation are popular design motifs, as are general “Spring is in the Air” themes.

Here’s an inside look at one of our latest undertakings…

Every custom display we create begins with an idea. In this example, the client wanted a display that would welcome the arrival of Spring and could extend throughout the mall for maximum impact. In this artist’s rendering, we present high-flying kites and colorful butterflies sailing upon the March winds.

A second idea involved incorporating colorful upside-down floral parasols and running them along the mall’s main arterial, as shown in this artist’s rendering.

In this third artist’s rendering – which borrows from the second concept, we showed the client how their idea might unfold if more traditional style umbrellas were used.

Butterfly Umbrella Display

With a few refinements and additions, a final concept was finally settled upon. In this tighter artist’s rendering, dozens of floral umbrellas fill the overhead space, spreading bright Spring color throughout the mall. The rendering also shows how this spectacular Spring theme makes sensational use of the mall’s huge skylights.

Contact Studio 25 Decor today to talk about your year-round decor needs. And watch your ideas spring to life!

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