The year Studio 25 Decor went to bat for Major League Baseball

You probably didn’t see it during the sports highlights on ESPN, but a few years back, Studio 25 Decor hit a home run during the All-Star game. The year was 2009, when Major League Baseball approached us to develop an outdoor banner program to promote their mid-summer classic. This was a huge honor for us, and like Pete Rose racing to first base, we dove into the project headfirst!

The outdoor banner program was to intended to promote the event to the residents of St. Louis, Missouri as well as to the thousands of out-of-state fans who would be in town for the big game. Our goal was to create major league buzz around the stadium and along the main arterials leading to Busch Stadium, the site of the game.

To create the banners, we teamed up with the designer of the official 2009 All-Star game logo. To maintain continuity in all promotional materials, we were asked to integrate the logo and the official artwork wherever possible.

Here’s a visual play-by-play description of how we did it…

Busch Stadium, 2009 All-Star Game

First, a view of Busch Stadium before we stepped to the plate. The stadium’s huge arched windows give us a lot of room to play with.

2009 Major League Baseball All-Star Game

Here’s a similar view of the stadium with the outdoor banners in place. You can practically feel the excitement in the air!

2009 MLB All-Star GameOn a slightly smaller scale, matching street pole banners generate excitement for the big game all along the main street leading to Busch Stadium.

2009 MLB All-Star Game

Major local businesses, including the Hilton Hotel, also got into the act. Note how design continuity is maintained even in these smaller outdoor banners.

By all accounts (unless, of course you are a fan of the National League, who lost the game 4-3), the 2009 All-Star Game was a huge hit! We had great fun in helping to this promote this major sports event. It marks but one example of the many ways we have helped community organizations, corporate sponsors, and event planners in promoting their events.

If you have an upcoming event that needs some big league creative thinking, give us a call. We’d love to be on your team, too!


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