The Art of the Artist’s Rendering in Commercial Holiday Decor

As commercial decorators, one of the most difficult tasks we have is conveying our ideas quickly and clearly to our clients. At Studio 25 Decor, this is where the art of the artist’s rendering comes into play.

Artist renderings serve several purposes:

1. Present the overall look of the decor theme.

Many clients struggle with visualizing space and find floor plans hard to read. Artist renderings help in this area by allowing the client to visualize a concept or theme in their particular environment. This allows our clients to more fully appreciate a theme’s value and potential.

2. Show a concept in a specific setting.

Many clients struggle with visualizing a concept and find floor plans hard to read. Artist renderings help in this area by allowing the client to visualize a concept or theme in their particular environment. By using “before” photos, our talented artists can capture actual architectural elements such a entryways, lighting fixtures, escalators, and even foliage to create a realistic-looking space.

3. Avoid any potential problems or pitfalls.

By allowing clients to visualize a final design in its exact setting, costly design pitfalls can be avoided. The size and scale of design elements can be better appreciated, and important details are less likely to “fall through the cracks.”

4. Affordably present multiple design options.

At Studio 25 Decor, our talented artists will create a number of design concepts based on your input and project details. These details can include everything from budget and space requirements to traffic flow and the location of the nearest power outlet.

5. Fine-tune final designs.

Once a final design or decor theme has been selected, additional renderings are created to incorporate any desired changes. This sometimes involves taking elements from several concepts and combining them into one final design concept. These final renderings are the ones that really get our clients excited, as they are based upon the actual site and the physical requirements of the commercial property.

6. A virtual design studio

Yet another advantage of the artist rendering is that it allows our designers to work with you regardless of where your property or commercial space is located.

Artist rendering photo opp booth

Initially, artist renderings are created in black and white. These drawings are generally more basic in nature and are intended to present the overall idea. Here, we present four concepts for a photo opp booth for use in an outdoor shopping mall.

Once a final design is chosen, new renderings are produced in color. These renderings are much more detailed and provide a highly realistic view of the final decor theme. Often times, clients will pick and choose elements from several designs to create a final design.

Final Artist Rendering

The final artist’s rendering, which is produced in color, provides a highly detailed layout of the actual space we are working with. Clients are even able to visualize how a design can impact traffic flow. This helps to eliminate any guesswork and avoid unnecessary expenses.

These are just a few of the examples of how Studio 25 Decor has utilized artist renderings to create year round commercial decor. Our design portfolio includes all sorts of commercial spaces ranging from shopping malls and casinos to hotels, resorts and destination properties.  No matter what your style or budget level, we can create the spectacular commercial display you’ve always wanted.

Contact Studio 25 Decor today and bring your own commercial decor theme to life!

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