Our Quality Story is no Fabrication

If you thought Studio 25 Decor only designs commercial decor for the holiday season, think again: we also design, fabricate and install custom commercial displays throughout the year!  We help shopping centers, casinos, resorts, hotels and other destination properties improve their bottom line by designing displays and environments that enhance the customer experience.

No matter the season, whatever the reason, you can count on the experts at Studio 25 Decor to deliver above and beyond your expectations. We handle all fabrication right in our own facilities. That way, we can ensure the quality and craftsmanship of everything we do.

Design Detail

Studio 25 Decor specializes in all aspects of fabrication, bringing incredible realism to every design.


We fabricate our displays in  our own facility where we can personally supervise every step of production to ensure the finest quality.

Quality Materials

Studio 25 Decor is your single-point access for seasonal displays as well as special events such as Easter, Halloween and the 4th of July.

Our custom services include:

  • 3-D fabrication modeling
  • CAD creation
  • CNC routing
  • metal work & welding
  • UL electrical component assembly
  • frame work fabrication
  • sewing, hand painting, pre-assembly and wiring of decorations

Maximize the “Wow!” Factor

At Studio 25 Decor, want to help you maximize your marketing investment. So we build our commercial displays to last, season after season. We have partnered with some of the leading commercial display companies around the globe to offer the best products available. We also offer custom fabrication for unique, spectacular displays. Contact us today to learn how we can serve your commercial display needs!

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