Our Quality Story is no Fabrication

If you thought Studio 25 Decor only designs commercial decor for the holiday season, think again: we also design, fabricate and install custom commercial displays throughout the year!  We help shopping centers, casinos, resorts, hotels and other destination properties improve their bottom line by designing displays and environments that enhance the customer experience. No matter […]

The year Studio 25 Decor went to bat for Major League Baseball

You probably didn’t see it during the sports highlights on ESPN, but a few years back, Studio 25 Decor hit a home run during the All-Star game. The year was 2009, when Major League Baseball approached us to develop an outdoor banner program to promote their mid-summer classic. This was a huge honor for us, and like Pete Rose racing to first base, we dove into the project […]

Commercial Decor for Spring

As you know by now, commercial decor is no longer limited to just the Christmas season. Savvy commercial property owners are discovering that commercial decor is a great way to attract customers and increase sales the whole year round! Studio 25 Decor specializes in creating spectacular commercial decor for Spring! As the days get longer […]

5 Ways Commercial Decor Builds Sales

Commercial decor is a highly effective tool to grab the attention of your target audience, increase brand exposure and differentiate your mall, casino, entertainment destination or other commercial space from your competitors. Savvy commercial property managers and retailers know that creating a brand experience generates excitement and increases brand loyalty. Timely, spectacular commercial decoration help […]

The Art of the Artist Rendering

So, what is meant by an “artist rendering”? And why is it so important in the creation of commercial decor? An Artist Rendering is a term that describes showing a client how their commercial display will look before it is actually constructed. At Studio 25 Decor, the creation of artist renderings is a key step […]

Bringing a commercial Christmas display to life

At Studio 25 Decor, we are in the business of creating memorable holiday displays. But our work doesn’t appear by magic. Indeed, bringing a commercial Christmas display to life follows a particular pattern of development. Although no two displays are ever exactly alike, every project has four stages of development: Initial Consultation, Design, Fabrication, and Installation. […]

Commercial Christmas Trees 2016

Studio 25 Decor has been creating installing commercial Christmas trees for nearly 20 years, serving a wide range of clients in the hospitality, gaming, and resort industries, as well as towns, municipalities, and a broad range of other commercial properties. We’ve grown a lot over the years, and we no longer serve just the Southeastern […]

Camana Bay Christmas 2016

A Camana Bay Christmas – getting creative in the Caribbean It may be a long way from the North Pole, but Santa had no problem finding his way to the Caribbean this year. Thanks in part to Studio 25 Decor and our work at the world-famous Camana Bay Resort. Camana Bay is a lively waterfront […]

Billy Graham Library Nativity Scene

For the past several years, Studio 25 Decor has had the distinct privilege of designing and installing Christmas decorations for the prestigious Billy Graham Library in our hometown of Charlotte, North Carolina. This world famous holiday attraction draws thousands of worshippers and visitors every year, and we are honored to be a part of it. One […]

Commercial Christmas Displays 2016

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas – again! Commercial Christmas Displays 2016 Each year, Studio 25 Decor provides commercial Christmas displays for hundreds of commercial properties, both here in the local Charlotte, North Carolina area as well as around the world. Perhaps we are just still kids at heart, but we absolutely love decorating […]

Outdoor Holiday Lighting Safety Tips

‘Tis the season to show your holiday spirit. And what better way to showcase your yuletide enthusiasm than with an outdoor lighting display! Here are 10 Outdoor Holiday Lighting Safety Tips to keep your holidays safe and bright. Locate your power supply. First things first: Locate your power source. And make sure the male end of […]

How to choose a Commercial Christmas Tree

These days, more and more shopping centers, resorts, casinos and other commercial properties are choosing to invest in artificial Christmas trees instead of real trees. This makes a lot of sense, cost-wise. A recent study published by the American Christmas Tree Association (ACTA) shows that over a ten year period the cost of replacing a live […]

Christmas Selfie Station Promotion Ideas

The Selfie has practically become an art form and have become all the rage on today’s most popular social media sites. And many a shopping mall, casino, resort, holiday vacation destination,and commercial business has discovered that having a Selfie Station or photo backdrop during the all-important holiday shopping season is a great way to connect with […]