Over 15 years of commercial Christmas decor, design & installation

Custom Commercial Christmas Decorations Accents for Children's HospitalAt Studio 25 Décor, we’re rather proud of the accomplishments we’ve made in the world of designing, sourcing, fabricating, and installing commercial Christmas decorations. For over 15 years, our Christmas and seasonal decorations at commercial properties, destination centers and venues across the globe have brought smiles to millions – and we’re pleased to say that includes our clients.

Studio 25 Decor has helped hundreds of property managers, owners and developers create professional seasonal decoration programs that not only met their vision, but also stayed within their budget. Over the past 15 years of designing and executing countless commercial Christmas decorations programs along with other seasonal and event decor services, we have developed a vast network of fabricators, artists and suppliers in order to offer our clients an endless array of decor and product solutions. Our commercial holiday decor programs are designed to be impactful, durable, valuable and timeless. From traditional commercial Christmas decoration packages featuring towering Christmas trees and commercial garland trim, to dazzling, one-of-a-kind holiday displays tailor-fit for specific themes and properties – Studio 25 Decor can bring any Christmas or seasonal holiday decorations vision to life.

Through our unique brand of “practical creativity” we are able to combine stellar holiday decor design with commercial quality materials, ease of decor installation, efficient storage, and long-term use. And in so doing, creating commercial Christmas decorations and seasonal displays that are as practical as they are magical. See for yourself in the examples below.

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Searching for Commercial Christmas Decorations Inspiration?

Are you hoping to set your property apart this holiday season but you’re not sure what you’re searching for?  Or, maybe you have an idea but can’t quite find where or how to buy it?  Studio 25 Decor loves working with our clients to develop magical commercial Christmas and holiday decor solutions based off single elements our clients have in mind.  No clue what you need?  No problem!  We will work with you and your team to build a seasonal display program that enhances your venue and works for your budget.  We are here to help transform your property into the next MUST SEE holiday destination venue in your community.  Our dedicated staff of designers, artists and fabricators will listen to your needs and bring you decor elements and designs that inspire and amaze.  Together we can dream and develop a professional holiday decoration program that evokes all the magic of the holiday season.  Get excited for your commercial holiday decor project this year with inspiration from Studio 25 Decor.  Give us a call to get started – (800) 658-1842.