Turn High Traffic Into High Impact.

Commercial Christmas Decorations.

Holiday displays provide an ideal opportunity through which to showcase your corporate culture and values. A well-executed display serves as a testament to your creativity and commitment to excellence, and can impress clients and visitors while motivating your employees.

Every corporate and educational campus has high traffic areas that are ideal for displays of this type: an atrium, entrances, corridors, stairways and escalators, even food courts. Use these areas an an opportunity to spread holiday cheer and promote your brand image.

Studio 25 specializes in turning high traffic areas into high impact areas, and creating holiday experiences that are long remembered and eagerly shared with others.

Let us design the perfect décor for your setting. The process begins with an artist’s rendering of your idea, which we will fine-tune to a final spectacular display. We can also provide installation services and storage services to help make this a completely turn-key process.

Ready to put your corporate culture on display? We are!