Holiday Displays for Indoor Malls:

Where Creativity and Practicality Work Together Beautifully.

There is something simply magical about a holiday display and its power to create joy and spread holiday cheer. Today’s indoor malls and shopping centers understand the ability of a Christmas display to attract customers, make cash registers ring, and generate excitement during this all-important selling season.

At Studio 25, we recognize that while Yuletide displays must always be exciting, they must also be sensitive to budgets, safety, and long-term use. That’s why all of our holiday and seasonal displays are designed with “practical creativity” in mind.

For example, we know that by making installation of seasonal & holiday decor easier and more efficient, we can help reduce its overall cost of installation and removal. And in a day of ever-shrinking CAM budgets, that’s an important consideration.

So why choose between spectacular and affordable when you can have both?

Let us show you how we can create a program that fits your seasonal and holiday decor needs and allows you to expand your decor program in the years ahead.

We have created spectacular holiday displays for the following:

• Indoor Malls
• Outdoor Malls
• Shopping Centers
• Regional Malls
• Fashion & Specialty Centers
• Power Centers
• Theme & Festival Centers
• Outlet Malls

Below are just a few holiday display themes to spark your creativity. Please click a category below for more information. Or for more personalized help, please call (800) 658-1842. To access your customized client page, click here.