Easy Installation and Storage make for Happy Holidays from Start to Finish

Commercial Christmas Display Installation and Storage

At Studio 25, ease of installation and efficient¬†storage¬†of our displays is not an after thought. It’s part of the “practical creativity” that goes into every one of our holiday and seasonal displays. (After all, we want to stay on Santa’s Nice List, too!)

Our experienced design, fabrication and installation teams know all the tricks of the trade. Through masterful, efficient design, they are able to maximize the Wow factor of your display while maintaining ease of setup and storage. Ease of storage ensures that you’ll be able to utilize your display for years to come, for even greater value.

With Studio 25, you’ll find set up, take down and storage to be a snap. In fact, we make it a completely turn-key operation. At the same time, while installation and storage services are not required with our holiday or seasonal displays, you may wish the convenience of turning the entire process over to us.

Either way, you’re assured of Happy Holidays from start to finish!