Like Magic, Dreams Become A Reality

Don’t just imagine the perfect holiday or seasonal display, bring it to life with Studio 25!

Our in-house design team has over 30 years of experience in custom commercial decoration services, and have created spectacular displays of every shape and size the world over.

The process starts with a conversation about what you would like to achieve with your display. We will then create an artistic sketch that captures the magic and spirit of your concept. It’s like watching a dream become a reality right before your eyes!

After we have developed a concept that meets your vision, we’ll create a production drawing to reveal the “magic behind the curtain.” This drawing will outline the manufacturing and assembly of your display.

As your design begins to unfold, we’ll explain how its every detail meets your exact requirements. We will also show you how you will be able to affordably enhance your display for years to come with the addition of new decorative elements.

With Studio 25, you can be sure that the end result will be as magical as it is practical!

Take a look at Our Work to view some of our display concepts and completed projects.