Decor Project Summary

Studio 25 Decor designed a fresh and exciting holiday decor program for Camana Bay, a lively waterfront destination in the Cayman Islands.  Featuring over a dozen restaurants, an eclectic mix of retail shops, a cinema, and commercial and residential spaces, Camana Bay’s decor program embodies the energetic and vibrant spirit found there.  With larger-than-life and engaging decor props paired with re-imaged holiday classics, guests of all ages were delighted with the new holiday additions found throughout this tropical destination venue.

Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands, Dec 2017, Christmas lights on two rows of palm trees on The Paseo, Camana Bay a modern waterfront town in the Caribbean

Camana Bay

Attractions/Mixed-Use Development

Outdoor & Indoor

Cayman Islands

Tropical Santa Photo Backdrop on Outdoor Beach at Retail Center


Studio 25 Decor was approached by Camana Bay with the need to develop a tailor-made Christmas decorations program that would meet the venues many needs and challenges.  Our client wanted a timeless and vibrant decor package that would draw in guests and add festive appeal throughout the property, both indoors and out.  Each decor element had to be designed and fabricated with ease of installation and outdoor durability in mind, with the ability to withstand the wear and tear of strong winds, salt water exposure and daily public interaction and use.

Classy Office Lobby Christmas Wall Decoration of 3D Bow Image Panels

Indoor Decor Solutions

Studio 25 Decor developed a cohesive and comprehensive decor program that turned this mixed-use property into a must-see tropical holiday destination! Indoor decorative elements included classy and coordinated pieces such as 3 dimensional wall accents, festive table arrangements and lush, illuminated foliage trim.

Outdoor Decor Solutions

Camana Bay’s outdoor decorations were all about visitor interaction with whimsical topiary deer greeters, custom photo selfie stations and backdrops, and a towering outdoor Christmas tree on a custom package base.  Custom lamp post wreaths and directory signage decor enhancements provided a festive holiday cheer throughout this open air property.