Retail & Mixed Use Properties

At Studio 25, we build practical seasonal decor programs that create a special holiday feeling for your customers while maintaining your CAM budget. We understand the need to justify the long-term Capital Expense of your commercial holiday, seasonal and event decorations.  Our experienced design and project management team knows that any initial investment in seasonal décor must be sensitive to long-term use with decor pieces that are timeless and memorable, and decor programs that can be built upon and repurposed.  We design and build decorations and decor programs that are sensitive to efficient installation, keeping your annual setup and removal process hassle free and budget friendly. The end result is spectacular seasonal decorations that wows your guests while keeping annual costs in line.

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Casinos & Resorts

We know how to add visual appeal and entertainment to places created just to have fun.  Turn your resort, casino or event center into a must-visit holiday destination with commercial decorations by Studio 25 Decor.  We can help you create a unique holiday experience that will enhance the experience of your guests in a memorable way.  Our spectacular displays are designed to amaze while also being sensitive to efficient installation and storage. The end result is a decor program that wows your guests while keeping budgets in line.  Let us show you how we can create a program that fits your needs and includes ways to expand as your décor pieces continue to last year after year.

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Hospitals & Airports

As we often hear in business, first impressions are lasting. At Studio 25, we know how to create an impact on your guests the minute they arrive on your campus this holiday season. With a practical approach to designing memorable and unique decor installations, we can create a special holiday feeling your visitors are not soon to forget.  Guests will leave your campus appreciating your attention to detail, seeing your timeless style, and taking note of the way you engage with your community and patrons.

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Giant Christmas Ornament Stack Casino Decoration


At Studio 25, we know you want your guests to be amazed the minute they arrive on your property. Our idea of practical creativity works to help you create a special holiday feeling for your guests the minute they arrive with an eye towards efficient use of your budget.  We will work with you to design an unforgettable guest experience with custom, towering decor pieces and photo worthy backdrops and props.  Our project management and design team is skilled in creating unique decorations that draw crowds and build brand awareness for our clients. It’s a win-win for your guests and your destination venue.

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Fall Photo Op Decor for outdoor shopping center with giant corn, pumpkins and scarecrow

Insta-worthy Backdrops

In the age of digital marketing, creating a social media presence is a priority for organizations and properties in all types of industries. Studio 25 Decor develops unique, larger than life displays with the goal of creating the perfect branded photo opportunity for everyone who passes through! These innovative indoor & outdoor displays create perfect selfie stations and photo backdrops for guests to strike a pose and for you to get your next location tag on Instagram! 

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Educational & Corporate Campus

Holiday traditions help make lasting memories, and we all love sharing those traditions year after year. At Studio 25, our goal for educational and corporate campuses is to create a spectacular display of decorations that everyone anticipates and can’t wait to experience each holiday season.  With custom design and endless product solutions, we will work with your team to develop decor that conveys your company’s vision and branding while evoking the joy of the holiday season.

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