Project Overview

New commercial holiday and seasonal display projects begin with our client’s vision or our designer’s imagination. Then, through a collaborative meeting between our Art Department and the client, the vision is quickly and thoroughly rendered to allow our clients the ability to fully grasp and appreciate a theme’s value and potential.

Site Visit

We know all the right places to look and all the right questions to ask to ensure only the right factors affect our client’s budget and timeline. Clients initially provide floor plans so that we may carefully assess the property. We consider traffic patterns, ceiling heights and electrical demands and overall layout of the space which completely eliminates problems and pitfalls throughout the installation process.

Concept & Creative

Here’s where we lay it all out for you: the creative, the challenges and the lucrative opportunities that can be made possible by Studio 25. Authorization of a design scheme happens after initial holiday decoration concepts are presented and informed client feedback is given, then we get right to work beginning the fabrication process.

Build & Fabricate

Studio 25 Decor has access to the largest collection of premium products, we also have an in-house team of artisan designers and fabricators who can fully utilize the materials.  Our fabrication capabilities include: 3D modeling, CAD creation, CNC routing, metal work & welding, UL electrical component assembly & wiring, garland manufacturing, frame work fabrication, sewing, hand painting and pre-assembly.

Colorful Giant Christmas Tree for Hospital

Delivery & Installation

Expert handling allows us to guarantee the safety and quality of our clients’ commercial holiday decorations display, as well as its longevity. Because of our acute attention to detail we are nationally recognized as one of the best installation services in the industry. Rest assured that any display created by Studio 25 is in great hands!

Storage & Refurbishment

Along with installation services, we provide the same level of attention at season’s end to ensure your holiday décor is carefully deconstructed, delivered back in excellent condition and/or properly stored in our controlled climate storage facilities. Our clients can attest this allows your custom décor to gleam, year after year.