Wells Fargo’s Charlotte headquarters needed a multisite holiday decor strategy that would be visually consistent across multiple corporate buildings and bring holiday festivity to their office sites while maintaining a professional, refined style. Studio 25 fulfilled their needs with a cohesive, upscale design plan that could be installed within two days and fulfill Wells Fargo’s unique Christmas season decor needs.

Wells Fargo

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Charlotte, NC


Wells Fargo is a global financial institution that serves in 35 countries, trusted by over 70 million customers internationally.

Wells Fargo’s Charlotte Headquarters needed custom commercial holiday decor that would be festive yet maintain a high-end, professional look for five of their corporate locations. The design plan created had to be cohesive across multiple corporate office buildings at several locations. In addition, they needed a holiday decorator that was incredibly efficient and could install the entire design strategy in two days so as not to interrupt business hours. The holiday decorator also needed to be familiar with working in high-security areas like the bank’s cash vault in a quick and inconspicuous manner.


Classy Christmas Decorations in Class A Corporate Headquarters Lobby Charlotte NC


Studio 25 developed a highly customized decor strategy on par with the client’s Class-A corporate spaces that would bring holiday spirit to the sites without interfering with professionalism. The design was modern and refined, as well as visually cohesive across the multiple corporate locations. Sites incorporated into the decor plan included the Wells Fargo East Coast Headquarters, the Wells Fargo cultural campus and the Platinum LEED certified Duke Energy Center building along with several call and support centers.


Studio 25 brought a new standard of holiday decoration to Wells Fargo that complemented their Class A office spaces with sleek, modern holiday decor. The design strategy was successfully implemented within two days over Thanksgiving weekend, installed with an agility that did not disrupt the professional atmosphere or high-security areas of the corporate sites. Studio 25 has continued to facilitate all aspects of Wells Fargo’s holiday decor annually, including installation, removal, storage, and refurbishing.