Decor Project Summary

For over ten years Studio 25 has helped draw thousands of tourists to this must-see Charlotte landmark during the holiday season. The rustic, wholesome design uniquely captures the essence of Christmas and features a nativity scene with live animals. It also boasts giant authentic wreaths, countless incandescent miniature lights and lanterns, wooden crosses, and cranberry garlands.

The Billy Graham Library is considered a must-see tourist attraction in Charlotte, North Carolina. The organization is an ongoing ministry built in tribute to Rev. Billy Graham, referred to by many as “America’s pastor.” The Library has had over one million visitors since opening in 2007 and is dedicated to communicating the teachings of Jesus Christ to all guests.

Giant Commercial Christmas Tree with Traditional Decor

The Billy Graham Library


Outdoor & Indoor

Charlotte, NC

Billy Graham Library Decorated for Christmas with Garland and Large Wreaths


The Billy Graham Library came to Studio 25 requesting decor for the second year of their annual Christmas program, which they aimed to increase attendance for. The decor strategy for this particular project needed to be unique, as the client required the style to be attractive and eye-catching while avoiding the typical commercialism and boldness associated with most popular commercial Christmas decorations. The design needed to be naturalistic, demure, and consistent with the religious modesty of the Billy Graham Library while remaining elegant and attracting attendance to the Christmas program.

Solution & Results

Studio 25 developed a decor strategy that brought visual life to the Billy Graham Library Christmas program and stayed consistent with the stylistic needs of the organization. The design displayed a unique Christmas tree created with both handmade and sourced elements made with natural resources such as wood and dried berries, as well as an elaborate nativity scene for featuring live animals.

The resulting design strategy for the Billy Graham Library encompassed the devout attitude of the organization and fulfilled their need to remain modest while bringing the spirit of Christmas to life. Studio 25 has continued the annual creation of the Billy Graham Library’s Christmas decor since originally starting in 2008, and facilitates all aspects of the decor each year including design, installation, storage, reinstallation, and tree lighting services.