Studio 25 had the opportunity to create a stunning commercial Christmas decor plan for Dayton Children’s Hospital that would delight their patients and add some cheer and excitement to a holiday season spent in the hospital. The creative and exciting design plan solidified the hospital as a full-service client for Studio 25.  We continue to fulfill their holiday decor needs annually with new decor solutions for their expanding network of locations and facilities.

Colorful Giant Christmas Tree for Hospital

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Custom Holiday Decor for Multisite Children's Hospital

Dayton Children’s Hospital is an accredited pediatric hospital filled with specialists passionate about providing the best medical care possible to children.

The marketing director of Dayton Children’s Hospital came to Studio 25 with a request to make their hospitals a more cheerful place for children who needed to stay there over the holidays. The hospital offered the opportunity for Studio 25 to get creative with their design strategy, and really create bold commercial Christmas decor that would produce an awe factor for the hospital patients. The client requested a specific color palette and theme to coordinate with their hospital branding.


Studio 25 Decor’s design team worked with our client to create a cohesive decor strategy for the hospital’s three locations, which includes two hospitals and a corporate building. The innovative design perfectly captured the magical feeling of the holidays while utilizing the requested color palette and logistical needs of the client.  With the use of timeless holiday decorations paired with oversized and whimsical holiday props and accents, we were delighted with the outcome of this vibrant holiday design plan.

Giant Christmas Tree in Hospital with Colorful Ornaments and Ribbon by Studio 25 Decor


The design program originally created in 2017 established Studio 25 as a full-service decor provider that facilitates every aspect of Dayton Children’s Hospital’s holiday decor annually, including design, build, installation, removal, and storage. The program now encompasses four locations, which includes three hospitals and a corporate office.  Using colorful ornamentation on lush Christmas trees paired with larger than life indoor and outdoor props such as an illuminated Santa Sleigh and Reindeer rooftop display and giant Santa hats and baubles, this hospital decor program will continue to bring a smile to passersby year after year.