Many organizations are keen on keeping up with digital marketing trends to help boost awareness of their identity and services. Studio 25 develops impressive outdoor decor plans that operate as Instagrammable Moment displays, creating a unique photo opportunity for visitors to share on their social media platforms.

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In the ever-expanding field of digital marketing, all types of organizations are looking for outlets to encourage social media interactions that generate awareness about who they are and what they do. Various holidays throughout the year create opportunities to develop eye-catching displays that prompt residents to share the beauty of site on social media. Studio 25 is often tasked with designing immersive seasonal experiences that create visual interest and the opportunity for visitors to engage and promote the display through photo sharing.


Studio 25 creates stunning commercial holiday decor in cities all over the country that encourage residents to become a part of the festivities and share photographs of themselves in these environments on their social media platforms. Creating these Instagrammable Moments in public spaces allows for innovative, impactful decor uninhibited by the confines of a building or room.


These custom designed and fabricated displays result in social media interaction from people who come in contact with the attention-grabbing backdrops, and in general add festivity and visual attraction to the site as a whole. These stations often encourage increased foot traffic and create a photo opportunity for visitors that generates organization awareness through social sharing.