Avoid the Post-Holiday Blahs.

Seasonal Display Programs for Casinos and Resorts.

Does your resort or casino look a bit lackluster once the Yuletide decorations come down?  If so, it may not be living up to the expectations of your guests. And if that’s the case, our seasonal display programs for casinos and resorts may be just the cure for your post-holiday blahs.

Studio 25 can provide all types of seasonal décor that can help you maintain a high energy level all year long.  Even more impressive, we can deliver high-impact results even on a modest budget!

The process couldn’t be simpler.  First, our experienced design team will provide an artist’s rendering of your vision.  Or, if you prefer, we can provide suggestions of what has proven effective in similar settings.  Then we will fine-tune your idea until it reaches spectacular form.  Studio 25 can also provide installation services and storage services for your displays to make the entire process a completely turn-key operation.

Looking for some inspiration?  Here are a few of our past decor themes to jump-start your creativity.