Public Santa Sets Provide a Grand Welcome!

Perhaps the most anticipated event of the holiday season is the arrival of Santa Claus. Now, you can make this event all the more special by hosting Santa’s home in your local park, town square or other public area. Public Santa Sets appeal to visitors of all ages!

Some of our most precious memories are of our children’s visit with Saint Nick, and Studio 25 can help you make this tradition all the more memorable with a custom-designed Santa set. Imagine the 1000’s of photos of smiling children that will be shared in social media – all with your Santa set as a featured part of the occasion!

Let us bring your vision of a unique Santa Set to life with our Studio 25 Premier service. (Or allow us to suggest a few ideas.)  We’ll take your idea from original concept to dazzling completion, starting with an artist’s rendering to help you visualize the final set. If needed, we can also provide installation services and storage services to make the process even easier.

We can create Santa sets for any budget. We can also design programs that will allow you to expand your display year by year as you add decorative pieces. It’s an affordable way to create lasting memories now while you maximize your investment.

Take a look at our work to be inspired.