Super-charge the excitement of your entertainment destination with a holiday or seasonal display from Studio 25.

At Studio 25, we share your passion for providing your guests memorable experiences through the creation of spectacular holiday and seasonal displays. From cruise ships and resorts to theme parks and museums, our unique brand of practical creativity adds to the wonder and excitement of every destination!

Whether you require fresh decor on a yearly basis, a starter program that you can build upon in succeeding years, or a property-wide display that can be used for years on end, you can count on the seasoned experts at Studio 25 to provide the know-how and resources to bring your project to life – at a price that meets your budget.

Entertainment destinations have special requirements for holiday and seasonal displays, including safety, originality, durability, and simplicity of installation and take down. They must also blend seamlessly with the brand personality you have worked so hard to establish. With Studio 25, you can be confident that your display will be built with all of these aspects in mind, making your holiday display a destination all its own.

We Specialize in Creating Spectacular Holiday Displays
for the Following Types of Destination Venues:

• Theme Parks
• Cruise Ships
• Leisure/Discovery Destinations
• Resorts
• Casinos
• Museums
• Amusement Parks
• Historic Attractions
• Island Resorts
• Golf Resorts

Let Studio 25 Decor show you how we can create a spectacular holiday decor program for your destination.

Here are just a few display themes to get your creative juices flowing. Click on any category for more information. Or, for personalized help, call (800) 658-1842. To access your customized client page, click here.