Ideas as big as all outdoors.

High Impact Holiday Displays for Outdoor Centers.

One of the biggest challenges in designing high impact holiday displays for outdoor centers is  producing optimum wow factor while competing with the great outdoors. At Studio 25, we achieve this by making maximum use of your center’s high traffic areas. By strategically locating your displays, we can help you set an instant holiday mood and leave a lasting impression with visitors and shoppers.

Our talented design team is unrivaled at creating spectacular, high impact displays for outdoor centers and public spaces of every size and description, and we thrive on the challenge of going big.

Join us in creating the perfect décor for your setting. The process starts with an artist’s rendering of your idea, which we will carefully fine-tune into a dazzling final display. We can also provide installation services and storage services to make to make the entire process even easier.

Let’s get started! It could be the beginning of something magical!

Here are a few samples of our work to inspire you.